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Missouri LLC Formation Costs: Total Fees Revealed

Hire Professionals to Form an LLC in Missouri for Just $39!

This is an exciting time for your business if you’ve chosen to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the state of Missouri. In Missouri, forming an LLC online costs $50. You might discover how to incorporate an LLC in Missouri without a lawyer by doing some research.

In contrast to a sole proprietorship or partnership, in which the business owner may be held personally accountable for claims made against the company, an LLC is a separate legal entity that protects the owner’s personal assets.

In addition to liability protection, a limited liability company offers various advantages over a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation due to its multiple tax alternatives, simplicity of administration, and management flexibility.

If you want to skip the hassle of starting a Missouri LLC yourself, consider using professional help for the best price in the market:

Create an LLC in Missouri: Costs

Missouri LLC Online Filing Fee$50 (online) / $105 (mail)
Fee for Registered Agent$39 on its 1st yr.
Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Missouri$105
Missouri LLC Name Reservation$25
Doing Business As Name$7
Certified Document Copies$10 + $0.50/pg.
Certificate of Good Standing$10

$50 (online) / $105 (mail) – Missouri LLC Online Filing Fee

The $50 charge to submit your LLC’s Articles of Organization online with the Missouri Secretary of State is the principal expense associated with forming an LLC. The cost to start a Missouri LLC is $50 online or $105 by mail.

$39 on its 1st yr. – Fee for Registered Agent

You can serve as your own registered agent in Missouri, but employing a registered agent service keeps your business compliant, informs you of crucial filing dates, and helps you avoid late fines.

$105 – Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Missouri

You will first require a Foreign Qualification or a Certificate of Authority or Compliance from that state if you intend to expand your Missouri LLC into another state. If you intend to do business, hire people, or conduct banking in that state, you must do this.

You’ll probably need to fill out an application and pay a filing fee for this process. You should speak with the state government organization that oversees company (often the Secretary of State) for precise instructions because each state normally has its own requirements. A Missouri foreign LLC registration will set you back $105 in fees. By submitting an Application for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company, you can register a foreign LLC in Missouri (Form LLC-4).

Licenses and Permits for Businesses

The more business licenses and approvals you need, the more expensive your Missouri LLC will be. Depending on your location and the type of business you run, you may be required to pay fees for.

Professional permit registrations at the federal, state, and municipal levels

Through our partners at Avalara, we can help you receive a Business License Report. You may reduce the normal cost of starting a business in Missouri by having your customized report show you how many licenses and permits you need.

Costs for Missouri LLC, Broken Down, and Best Alternatives

Who forms the LLC?Total fees
You are the one who creates the Missouri LLC.$50 + ($50+ LLC Name + $10 Certificate of Good Standing)
by using ZenBusiness$49+
by using Northwest Registered Agent$39/mo
see our other top-rated LLC service providersvaries

Additional LLC Filing Fees

When forming an LLC, there are additional payments that are optional:

$25 – Missouri LLC Name Reservation

It is absolutely optional to reserve a company name. It is not a requirement for founding an LLC. However, a name reservation may be useful if you already have a great name but are still ironing out certain details before establishing your company. A 60-day name hold costs $25 and may be renewed twice for an extra $25. However, if you are ready to file your articles of organization, you should skip this step because doing so will immediately lock in your name.

To be clear, name reservations aren’t always necessary and aren’t required by most states. If you’re concerned that someone else will register the name you want, you might just form your LLC rather than reserving it.

Whether you reserve your business name or not, you should always run a Missouri business name search to ensure that the name you chose is accessible.

$7 – Doing Business As Name:

If your firm has many projects and locations, a “Doing Business As” (DBA) or fictitious name may be the best solution for you. A DBA name is a pseudonym used by your firm to distinguish one project or office location from your organization’s registered name.

To register a DBA in Missouri, a Registration of Fictitious Name form must be completed and a fee of $7.00 must be paid. We can speed up the process by using our Missouri DBA Service.

$10 + $0.50/pg. – Certified Document Copies

The Secretary of State may provide certified copies of your Missouri business paperwork for a fee of $10 (plus $0.50 per page if purchasing paper copies).

$10 – Certificate of Good Standing

Some companies will want you to provide evidence that your LLC complies with all applicable laws and tax regulations. A Certificate of Good Standing from the Missouri Secretary of State is required if you need to provide proof that you have adhered to your obligations. By acquiring a Certificate of Good Standing from the SOS online and paying a $10 charge, you can get one.

The Best Way to Form Your Own Missouri LLC

Read our full guide on how to start an LLC in Missouri

LLC – Missouri You must submit the $50 online Articles of Organization to the Missouri Secretary of State in order to establish a Missouri LLC. Applying is possible online or by mail. The legal document that formally establishes your Missouri Limited Liability Company is called the Articles of Organization. In Missouri, there are five basic steps to forming an LLC:

  • Step 1: Choose an Entity Name for your Missouri LLC
  • Step 2: Choose a Registered Agent 
  • Step 3: File an Organization Articles
  • Step 4: Create an Operating Agreement 
  • Step 5: Obtain an Employer Identification Number 

Step 1: Choose an Entity Name for your Missouri LLC [Price: $25]


Before establishing a Missouri LLC, all businesses should conduct a Missouri company name search.

In this portion of our State of Missouri Business Search guide, we’ll teach you how to determine whether an LLC name is available. Before you finish your company name search, we advise checking sure your name complies with the rules.

The first and most crucial step in forming an LLC is selecting a company name. Make sure the name you select conforms with Missouri’s naming regulations and can be found by potential customers.

Make careful you adhere to these naming rules:

  • The words “limited liability corporation” or one of its acronyms must appear in your name (LLC or L.L.C.).
  • Your LLC’s name cannot contain any terms that may be mistaken for those of a public authority (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc.).
  • A licensed person, such as a doctor or lawyer, may be required to be part of your LLC if the word “restricted” (such as “bank,” “attorney,” or “university”) is used.

Before completing your LLC papers, ensure that your chosen business name is available for use. The quickest way to confirm is to use the corporate entity search engine on the Secretary of State’s website.

If you have decided on a desired alias but need some extra time to finish your LLC paperwork, you may reserve a name by submitting an Application for Reservation of Name form. Each business entity name you choose to maintain will cost you $25.

In Missouri, you may only keep the name for 60 days before having to renew your reservation. Any name has a 180-day legal holding period.


File Online with the Missouri Secretary of State


– OR –

File by Mail


Fee: $25

Mail to:

Attn: Corporations Division
P.O. Box 778
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

The Missouri Articles of Organization cost $105 to submit by mail and $50 to submit online. When filing electronically, there is also a $1.25 credit card processing cost or a $0.50 eCheck fee.

Missouri typically processes online submissions as soon as they are received. Mail-in filings are more costly and take much longer to complete (around 5–10 business days). If it wasn’t evident before, Missouri strongly prefers that businesses file their papers online.

Step 2: Choose a Registered Agent [Price: $39 on its 1st yr.]


Free with your Articles of Organization filing: You must select a Registered Agent for your Missouri LLC before submitting your Articles of Organization. A Registered Agent in Missouri is a person or organization with a Missouri address who is permitted to receive legal documents and correspond with the government on your behalf. To choose your Registered Agent, there is no additional cost. The filing fee will be used to name this individual when your articles of organization are submitted. It costs $10 to submit a Change of Registered Agent form if you ever wish to change your registered agent.

It might be difficult to find a Registered Agent that satisfies both your company’s demands and Missouri law. With our Missouri Registered Agent Service, we can assist you in locating the ideal Registered Agent for your LLC at the ideal cost.

LLCs in Missouri must have a registered agent to receive and process legal filings on their behalf. An agent can be an LLC member, owner, or employee, but they must be at least 18 years old and have a physical address in the state.

You can also hire someone or a firm to act as your registered agent in Missouri. You should budget between $50 and $300 each year for such services.

Series LLCs, like regular LLCs, must appoint a Missouri registered agent to receive service of process (legal notifications) on their behalf. During normal business hours, your registered agent must be available at a physical Missouri address, which must be included on your Missouri Series LLC’s Articles of Organization.

The Missouri registered agent for your Series LLC might be the registered agent for each separate series of your Missouri Series LLC. Remember that many registered agents will demand extra service costs for each series.

Step 3: File the Articles of Organization [Price: $50 (online) / $100 (mail)]


The Articles of Organization are the legal documents necessary in Missouri to properly incorporate an LLC. You can either mail the paperwork or submit them online through the Missouri Secretary of State’s website. If you want to send your application by mail, you can download the Missouri Articles of Organization (Form LLC-1)

If you have any questions, contact the Missouri Secretary of State’s Corporations Division at 617-727-9640.

The Articles of Organization have a few components and wording that may be confusing. Let’s go through a few of these areas to help you get your LLC off to a good start.

Domestic or Foreign LLC: Because this is a state of formation, the majority of new businesses will pick Domestic. If a company has significant activities in another state, such as maintaining a warehouse or recruiting employees, it may be required to apply for a Foreign LLC.

What Distinguishes a Domestic LLC from a Foreign LLC?

Duration: In this section, you may indicate how long it will last. The majority of LLCs will be perpetual in nature; however, certain businesses (typically those involved in investing) will have a specified termination date.

It is established in this section whether the LLC is controlled by its members or by a manager.

– Member-Managed LLCs actively participate in the company’s day-to-day management.

– Manager-Managed LLCs are run by a manager who is recruited by the members, much like a company’s CEO.

The majority of LLCs are run by their members.

Give some basic information about the company’s operations. A few basic pieces of information are necessary; otherwise, the LLC file will be refused. If you want to make the company’s purpose more open-ended, you may add “and participate in any approved commercial activity for which a Limited Liability Company may be created in Missouri” to the original purpose statement.

Leave this box empty if you want the LLC to start operations on this day; otherwise, choose a start date that is less than 90 days from now.

A series LLC provides liability protection for a variety of asset classes or businesses, each of which is protected from the liabilities of the others in the series. The Series LLC is a unique option that is commonly employed by real estate investment businesses.

LLC The Organizers An organizer is someone who takes part in the formation of the Articles of Organization. The Organizer, who might be a mentor, lawyer, or accountant, may or may not become a member, but all of the founding members will be acknowledged as organizers.


Option 1: On the Missouri Secretary of State website, register. Select “Create LLC” from the “LLC Filings” menu on the user homepage after logging in.


– OR –

Option 2: Visit the Missouri Secretary of State website to get the Articles of Organization in PDF format. Mailing this form to the Missouri Corporations Division is required.


Basic information about your limited liability company is listed in the Missouri articles of organization, including the name of your LLC, its purpose, the names and addresses of its Missouri registered agents, its management structure, and the addresses of its organizers (the individual or individuals who have prepared and filed your Articles).

Paper filing typically takes one week to process once the paperwork is received. Online filings are typically handled within one to three days.


Option 1: Visit the Missouri Secretary of State website and register or log in. Then, submit your online form by completing the necessary fields under “Create an LLC.”


– OR –

Option 2: Visit the Missouri Secretary of State website to get the Articles of Organization in PDF format.


State Filing Cost: $50 online; $105 by mail

Mail to: 
State of Missouri Secretary of State
Corporations Division
P.O. Box 778 / 600 W. Main St., Rm. 322
Jefferson City, MO 65102

How long will it take to incorporate my Missouri LLC?

Online: instantly after payment is received; by mail: between 3 to 6 business days.

What distinguishes a domestic LLC from a foreign LLC?

If an LLC operates in the state in which it was created, it is referred to as a “domestic LLC.” Usually, when we talk about an LLC, we’re talking about a domestic LLC. If an existing LLC wants to take its operations to another state, a foreign LLC must be created.

Step 4: Create an Operating Agreement [Price: FREE]


Missouri’s government requires an operating agreement. What is an operating agreement, exactly? It is an internal document that outlines the management responsibilities, financial obligations, and procedures for your LLC. An operational agreement is required by the state, although it is not necessary to file it with any official bodies.

The chance of future issues is decreased by this agreement, which makes sure that all firm owners are on the same page. Before opening a business bank account or making a loan to an LLC, a bank will typically want an operating agreement.

The following clauses must be present in your operating agreement:

  • List of owners, including contact information (address, phone number, and email) and their ownership percentage (which should be 100%).
  • Smaller shareholders
  • Exit strategy: Are you seeking for a long-term commitment or do you want to start the business and then sell it?
  • What happens if a member passes away, gets sick, gets divorced, or quits?
  • Name of the business, its postal address, and its physical address
  • Distributions, including the amount and your desire to establish a capital fund
  • Control level for personnel who do operational duties (sign checks, order inventory, hire/fire, etc.).
  • List of owners, including contact information (address, phone number, and email) and their ownership percentage (which should be 100%).
  • Methods for getting more cash (debt or equity)
  • Added Benefit

An operating agreement may be as comprehensive as you like, and it can really help your business by giving you some important guidelines in the event of a sticky situation. Nevertheless, it is ideal to have your operating agreement in place before you launch your business, and it has to be approved by all parties.

The state mandates it. Every Missouri LLC is required to create an operating agreement to regulate the company’s operational operations under Missouri Business Statutes Section 347.081.

In Missouri, LLCs must have an operating contract. These documents provide information on the firm’s plans and the owners’ or members’ anticipated operations. Operating agreements define daily responsibilities, members with the most direct influence over how the company operates, and voting rights for each member in connection to their financial contribution.

An operating agreement is also ideal for legitimizing the business by laying out a specific game plan and long-term goals for the LLC.

Step 5: Obtain an Employer Identification Number [Price: FREE]


The Internal Revenue Service assigns a unique 9-digit tax identification number to firms known as an EIN, or Employer Identification Number (sometimes known as a Federal Employer Identification Number, or FEIN) (IRS). The EIN, like a social security number, identifies business entities for taxes purposes. The EIN is necessary to file federal and state taxes, hire employees, open a bank account, apply for business licenses and permits, build corporate credit, and other activities.

The EIN is free when you register with the IRS. The number is immediately available upon enrolling on the IRS website, but you can also do it via phone, fax, or postal mail using IRS Form SS-4.

Finally, if you still want assistance with the finances of your new business, consider ZenBusiness Money. With its aid, you may manage clients, send and collect money, and create invoices all in one place. We hope you found our explanation on how to create an LLC in Missouri useful.

Essential Steps to Take After Creating an LLC

Keep Personal and Business Assets Separate

Your personal assets—your house, vehicle, and other valuables—are at danger if your Missouri LLC is sued while your personal and business accounts are combined. This is known as “piercing the corporate veil” in business law.

With the following actions, you may begin safeguarding your LLC in Missouri:

1. Create an LLC bank account.

Most Series LLCs avoid allowing the individual series to share a bank account with the parent business because doing so is necessary to maintain each series’ separate limited liability.

However, because many banks are unfamiliar with the Series LLC business structure, they may not recognize the distinction between the parent company and each series at first. The best choice is to call the bank ahead of time to clarify your organization’s needs and ensure that it is willing to set separate bank accounts for your Missouri Series LLC and each series within it.

2. Obtaining a business credit card:

  • Aids in classifying and separating all business costs for the purpose of year-end taxation.
  • Increases your business credit score, which is a necessary step to obtaining a line of credit or loan in the future.
  • Gives you the ability to keep track of departmental spending by giving each employee a card with a different budget.

3. Employing a business accountant:

  • Helps you avoid penalties, fines, and other expensive tax blunders while preventing your company from overpaying taxes.
  • Simplifies bookkeeping and payroll, giving you more time to concentrate on your expanding business
  • Properly manages your business finance, identifying areas of unplanned loss or additional profit

Expanding its Operations in Missouri by Employing People

Keep within the law if you intend to hire staff by doing the following:

  • Check to see whether new hires are eligible to work in the US
  • Inform the State that new hires have been made.
  • Employees should have access to workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Employer taxes are withheld.
  • Posters promoting workplace compliance should be printed and displayed in prominent locations.

What is the Missouri state minimum wage? Missouri’s hourly minimum wage is $11.15.

How frequently must I pay my employees in Missouri? Employers in Missouri are obligated to pay their staff every two months.

FAQ: Costs of Forming an LLC in Missouri – Variables

Hire a Pro Company to Assist You with Forming an LLC in Missouri

Creating a Missouri LLC may be challenging and time-consuming. We’ve put together a list of the top two services for creating an LLC because it would be useful to have some assistance.

#1: ZenBusiness can assist you in Missouri when forming an LLC

ZenBusiness offers affordable LLC setup services with a variety of useful features. Two of these factors will benefit the majority of LLCs. Registered agent service is included with each ZenBusiness solution for a whole year. They provide Pro and Premium Packages so you don’t have to worry about compliance. As part of this assurance, ZenBusiness will submit your yearly report and inform you of any additional legal requirements. People who have the entry-level package can purchase worry-free compliance for $119 per year.

For $49, ZenBusiness can assist you with forming an LLC in Missouri. They have over 4,500 verified reviews and a 98 percent client satisfaction rating.

You can also take a look at our full review of ZenBusiness here.

$0 + State Fees

star rating image

Rating: 4.8/5
Review count: 4830+

ZenBusiness-new logo

Form an LLC today with ZenBusiness for only $0 + State fees. They Have 98% customer satisfaction rating and over 4830+ verified reviews.

#2: Northwest Registered Agent can help you create an LLC in Missouri.

With decades of expertise, Northwest Registered Agent is a fantastic service for creating an LLC. They provide excellent, knowledgeable customer service. They provide you privacy, which is their finest quality. Even so, they create their own code. They never sell your information nor do they outsource any of their services.

Northwest can assist you right immediately with Missouri LLC formation. They have over 4,150 verified reviews and a 98 percent client satisfaction rating. A complimentary year of registered agent service will be provided!

And here’s our extensive guide and review about Northwest Registered Agent.

$39+State Fees

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Review count: 4850+


Form an LLC today with Nortwest. They have 98% customer satisfaction rating and over 4150+ verified reviews. They will include 1 year of free registered agent service!

To Summarize

In this piece, we have discussed a significant number of expenditures that are specific to Missouri LLCs, some of which are typical of LLCs operating everywhere in the state. As can be seen, there are a great deal of charges that are peculiar to the operation of certain types of LLCs. The most important thing to realize is that you should not seek for justifications to avoid paying these fees since the consequences may be severe and may easily be avoided. This is the most important lesson to learn.

Many of the costs that a normal LLC will be expected to pay in Missouri are detailed in the fees mentioned above. Other one-time, recurring, or ad hoc fees that are not stated above may apply in some uncommon cases.

In addition, starting a Missouri LLC isn’t as expensive as it seems.
The total cost shouldn’t exceed:

  • $49 if you’re forming a basic LLC with all the basic options with ZenBusiness.
  • $39/mo if you’re forming a top-notch LLC with Northwest.
  • ~$50 if you’re forming an LLC yourself.

Naturally, your LLC will have to pay self-employment, payroll, federal, state, and sales taxes. More tax information may be found on the Missouri Business Tax website.

Having said that, there are still some ways in which you can select an inexpensive business formation organization to handle the filing of your Articles of Organization and to offer registered agent service. This is one way in which you can still make financially responsible selections regarding your LLC formation and maintenance charges.

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