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IncAuthority Review 2023: My Honest Thoughts on IncAuthority.com – Is It Really FREE?

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If you have been researching options to form an LLC, you have probably heard of Inc Authority. They are one of the oldest businesses in the industry. IncAuthority has been helping business owners form LLCs since 1989.

But, how does IncAuthority actually stack up against the competition? There are a lot of companies out there who can help provide LLC formation services, so follow me as I take an honest look at IncAuthority and some of its biggest competition.

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A Quick Video Review of IncAuthority

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IncAuthority Reviewed In a Few Sentences

When forming an LLC it’s very important to take into account several crucial points if you chose to use an incorporation service. In the case of IncAuthority, here are the ones that I reviewed:

  1. Is IncAuthority reliable and easy to use? 8/10
  2. How quick is their service? 7/10
  3. Does IncAuthority offer good customer support? 9/10
  4. How’s the overall pricing and value of IncAuthority? 8/10

Overall, IncAuthority truly deserves a rating of 8/10.

We’ll be reviewing each of those 4 points in detail below. However, if you’re already convinced — you can use our special promo links below and get the best deal by using IncAuthority or its recommended alternative.

IncAuthority ($0 + State Fees)

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ZenBusiness (Recommended Alternative) ($0 + State Fees)

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They are one of the top-rated quality-to-price ratio services.

In-Depth IncAuthority Review

1. Is IncAuthority Reliable and Easy to Use? | 8/10

They have a fairly simple ordering process and definitely are reliable.

IncAuthority only had 3 steps until the checkout is reached. They do have some up-sells as most of their competitors do also. Their site works fluently and quickly both on mobile and PC.
As for reliability — you can certainly trust them as they have thousands of really positive reviews from their customers.
In addition, they seem to be endorsed by Daymond John – a TV show “Shark Tank” star. Of course, it’s a paid endorsement but still gives them some authority and credibility.

2. How Quick Is IncAuthority’s Service? | 7/10

The speed of your incorporation process will largely depend on the state you’re planning to start your LLC.

So it might take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Other than that — IncAuthortiy seems to have a pretty decent TAT (turnaround time). Their support will answer all your queries within ~24 hours or quicker than that.

3. How Is the Quality of Support? | 9/10

IncAuthority truly shines in the aspect of customer support. No wonder why they have large banners boasting of their Trustpilot score and so on.
It’s because they surely have something good to show straight from their customers’ lips (or keyboards).

You can reach them by email or several phone numbers on Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm PT. When we tried calling them — they were responsive and the client representative was quite knowledgeable and helpful.

4. Overal Pricing and Value of IncAuthority | 8/10

What I liked the most — is their FREE package option. Not a lot of LLC creation companies have that. Of course, you’ll still have to pay state fees. But overall, they have a pretty great feature stack for the free package. This is what they’ll include with their free option:

  • Business Name Check
  • Preparation & Filing
  • Registered Agent Service
  • S-Election Form
  • Digital Storage & Delivery
  • INC CARE Support
  • State and Federal Tax Planning Consultation
  • Business Credit & Funding Analysis

In their words, they offer free packages in order to gain your trust and save your business money and then earn your business for a lifetime.

So overall, IncAuthority’s pricing and value are really decent. I’d give them an 8/10, just because their other packages (other than an entry-level free package) — are significantly more expensive than competitors.

All other packages that they have are not so cheap and you’d be better off by selecting an alternative like ZenBusiness or so. But now let’s see what IncAuthority has to offer in more detail.

What Does IncAuthority Have to Offer?

IncAuthority offers 4 different packages to those looking to form an LLC. One great option they offer is a free package. Not many companies have a free option. We list all of these packages and what they offer below.

incauthority pricing

Service Packages & Pricing Offered by IncAuthority

  • Free (+Plus the State Fee)

Inc Authority, like the majority of LLC formation companies, provides multiple packages with several levels of service. IncAuthority’s free package includes several features for free. All you need to pay is the state fee.
Check out this package on their website.

  • Name Check: IncAuthority will look through your state’s database to see if the name you want is available.
  • Registered Agent Service: They will provide free registered agent service for one year.

If you choose to continue the service beyond the first year, it will cost $99 a year.

  • File Articles of Organization: Inc Authority will prepare and file the Articles of Organization to start your business.
  • File S Corporation Tax Form: They will draw up and file the necessary forms to be taxed as an S Corporation if you choose this tax option for your LLC.
  • Free Tax Consultation: Inc Authority offers a free one-hour tax consultation through a third party vendor.
  • Business Checking Account: They will set up a Business Checking Account for you through their partnership with Bank Of America.
  • Business Funding Analysis: An expert will look at your business funding needs and help you find start-up funding solutions.
  • Starter Business Bundle (everything from “Free” + $399)

With this package, you get everything from the free package plus a few additional features listed below for $399.
Check out this package on their website.

  • Binder and Custom Seal: You’ll be provided with a record book to keep your important documents in and a custom seal you can use on documents.
  • Operating Agreement: Inc Authority will prepare the  Operating Agreement for your business. This document lists the rights and obligations of the members of your LLC.
  • Ownership Certificates: Each member of your LLC will receive an ownership certificate.
  • Executive Business Bundle (everything from “Starter” + $499)

The Executive package has all the feature in the starter package and the following for $499.
Check out this package on their website.

  • Business License Report: This is business software that will help you decide which permits or licenses you should have for your business. The suggestions will be determined based on your type of business and location.
  • Website Domain: Inc Authority will provide you with a domain name and hosting.
  • Tycoon Business Bundle (everything from all other packages + $799)

This is the premium package and includes everything from the other packages and the other features listed below for $799.
Check out this package on their website.

  • Express Processing: Your Order will take priority over those in the other tiers.
  • BizCredit Express: This is a set of software tools that will help your business develop good credit.
  • Business Credit Coach: Inc Authority will provide 90 days of business credit coaching.
  • Credit Building System: They offer a multi-tiered credit building system that provides resources that help businesses learn how to get a good credit score.
  • Business Credit LaunchPad: This is a detailed education program that teaches businesses the steps involved in building good credit.
  • Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration: Inc Authority will register your business with Dun and Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration, which will give you a unique D-U-N-S number that other businesses can use to check your credit.

Pros & Cons of IncAuthority


  • Free Package: Inc Authority is one of a very few companies that offer LLC formation services for free. It’s hard to argue with a benefit like this.
  • Free Registered Agent: In addition to every LLC formation package, Inc Authority includes one year of Registered Agent services free of charge.
  • Positive Feedback: Inc Authority generally receives positive feedback, and they have had a long history in the industry to receive feedback.


  • Costly: Inc Authority starts with a free package, but every other package is quite expensive. The next cheapest package above the free option is $399. This is far more expensive than offerings from comparable online LLC formation services.
  • No Refunds: Most LLC formation services offer some policy for a refund. However, IncAuthority does not, and all requests for a refund are denied regardless of the circumstances.

$0+State Fees

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Rating: 4.8/5
Review count: 4500+

incauthority logo

Form an LLC today with IncAuthority starting at $0+state fees. They’re one of best-known services with lots of great customer experience.

3rd Party Customer Reviews of IncAuthority

Now let’s check what exactly their customers say (based on Trustpilot):

  • Kevin was very friendly, knowledgeable and explained the steps for my business LLC renewal. I highly recommend this company! Very satisfied — Texas Allstar Transport.
  • I would definitely recommend using Inc Authority. They are very helpful and the process was fast . Very satisfied with the services. — Emily.
  • This site is designed to swindle you and playoff people who don’t want to put effort into their own business.
    Their sales team will lie about fast-talk you until you agree to anything.
    — Kara S.
  • Very easy to navigate,it took just minutes to get what I wanted done.i recommend this to anyone who needs a buisness LLC or EIN — Jackie S.
  • My experience was terrible. I asked to get my business registered. Paid the fee and it did not get registered. Then just got over talked by Jeffrey and disrespected to the point I didn’t want to deal with this company. Lost money and time. — Derek B.

Main Competitors & Alternatives

As we stated before, there are a number of competitors in the online LLC formation industry, and we are going to address a few of them. Then we will compare IncAuthority to them in more detail.

#1 Alternative: Northwest

Use our special promo and get an LLC today with Northwest & get Registered Agent 1 year for free! Hassle-free and quick.

Northwest is another popular LLC formation services company. They have been in business since 1998 and have a good reputation. One feature that Northwest is popular for is its low-cost premium package.

You also may want to read our full review of Northwest Registered Agent here.

Pros of Northwest:

There are several pros to Northwest’s service, though very different than Inc Authority’s. Let’s look at them.

  • A Variety of No-Cost Legal Forms: Northwest offers 17 different legal forms to start and maintain your LLC on your own. Though available from other sources online, it is extremely handy to have these all in one place.
  • Same-Day Filing: Northwest Registered Agent’s “Premium” service comes with same-day filing. This is an advantage over most other services that charge extra for expedited filing. However, this is tempered by the fact Northwest only offers one package, which is not as cheap as some services.
  • Personalized Business Dashboard: As soon as you sign up with Northwest, you receive a personal dashboard where you can find all of your documents as well as any legal correspondence Northwest receives if you choose them as your registered agent.
  • Included Registered Agent Services for 1 year: All businesses that register as an LLC must have a registered agent on file in the state of registration, whether it is themselves or a service. The registered agent will receive all services to comply with due process laws.
  • Northwest Promises to Never Sell Your Data: Many companies package your information and sell it to third parties to make money. These companies may make thousands by selling items such as your email address and other contact info.

Cons of Northwest:

There are several advantages to Northwest, but they are certainly not perfect. Otherwise, we could just tell you to go to them, so let’s look at some of this service’s disadvantages and see if they outweigh the advantages.

  • A Lack of Service Plan: Nearly all LLC filing services offer several plans with different price levels. Additionally, a few services such as Inc Authority even offer a free plan that provides the most critical basic services. The only charge for these free plans is the state fees.
  • Filing for an EIN Number Costs: An EIN, or employer identification number, is required for opening business bank accounts or hiring any employees. It’s also important to avoid putting your social security number out on business documents and tax forms.

#2 Alternative: Rocket Lawyer

Use our special promo and get an LLC today with Rocket Lawyer & get top-notch support! Quick Set up & no headache.

Rocket Lawyer is a legal services website that provides a variety of legal services, including LLC formation. Rocket Lawyer was formed in 2008 and has helped millions of consumers and businesses.

Here’s a full review of Rocket Lawyer.

Pros of Rocket Lawyer:

  • Form Builder: Rocket Lawyer has a form builder that asks a series of questions to help you fill out your legal form or contract properly.
  • Customer Service: Rocket Lawyer has excellent customer service, and it is available from 6am to 6pm pacific time.
  • Legal service: Rocket Lawyer has lawyers on call during customer service hours to answer your questions.

Cons of Rocket Lawyer:

  • Expensive: Rocket Lawyer is slightly more expensive than its competitors.

Alternative #3: BizFilings

Use our special promo and get an LLC today with BizFilings & get top-notch service for just $99 + state fees.

BizFilings was established in 1996 and became part of CT Corporation in 2002. CT provides legal services to businesses worldwide, which allows them to be of help to BizFilings and their customers.

Pros of BizFilings:

  • Knowledgeable: BizFiling has specialists to answer questions and help you.
  • No hidden fees: They clearly list what is included in their packages as well as the price of any extra services.

Cons of BizFilings:

  • Expensive: Their lowest priced package costs $99.
  • Legal Advice: Inc Authority does not provide access to legal advice as some other LLC formation services do.

IncAuthority Versus the Competitors

So, now that we have presented Inc Authority and a few of its competitors, how do they measure up to each other. First, let’s look at their costs before we move to more subjective measurements.

Cost Breakdown

Get started with IncAuthority now (start with FREE package)! They have top-notch customer service & lots of additional perks.

Some of these services are difficult to compare, especially Rocket Lawyer, which offers free incorporation filing to new premium members during a seven day trial, but no customer support will be provided after the trial period. However, the cost of service is possibly the biggest determining factor in choosing an LLC filing service, so here they are.

 Inc AuthorityNorthwestRocket LawyerBizFilings
Free$0N/AFree TrialN/A
Mid-price/Base$499$225 (or $35/mo)$99.99$229
Highest Price$799N/AN/AN/A

As you can see, Inc Authority has the absolute cheapest package with a truly free option; however, this is the only affordable option from Inc Authority. Rocket lawyer offers an affordable option but without a membership, expect minimal service without extra services. Overall, Inc Authority does beat the competition for the lowest cost service.

Customer Service Quality

incauthority registration

IncAuthority has good customer service available through phone, email, and online messaging. The representatives are knowledgeable and helpful. Unfortunately, the customer service hours are somewhat limited, from 8am to 5pm.

Northwest offers email and phone support, but not chat as Rocket Lawyer, and BizFilings does. They do provide accurate, detailed answers to questions.

Rocket Lawyer has excellent customer service. They even have good hours, from 6am to 6pm pacific time.

BizFilings offers support by phone, email, or chat. They provide customer service Monday through Friday from 8am to 7pm CST. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and few complaints.

Both Rocket Lawyer and BizFilings offer slightly better customer service than Inc Authority simply due to Inc Authority’s more limited hours. However, Inc Authority still offers better customer service than Northwest.

Ease of Use Compared

Inc Authority is very easy to use. It has a three-stage process that is quick to complete and works well on a computer or mobile device.

Northwest makes the filing process very quick and easy. All you have to do is enter the details for your business and pay.

Rocket Lawyer is very user friendly. You can easily fill out any documents, and if you need help, there are attorneys on call during customer service hours to answer your questions.

BizFilings has a great user interface. They have a tool that helps you to decide what business structure is best for your business. They also give you an order number early in the order process that makes it easy for customer service to access your order should you call them.

Honestly, all of these services offer incredible ease of use on their platforms. I like Inc Authority the most for offering their easy 3 step process on mobile devices. Not everyone wants to sit down at a computer these days.

However, the other services offer easy to use formats and a lot of help filling out the forms. BizFiling deserves an honorable mention for their help figuring out which business structure you should choose.

Where Does Inc Authority Stand Compared to Others?

Get started with IncAuthority now (start with FREE package)! They have top-notch customer service & lots of additional perks.

free corporation features incauthority

Inc Authority is excellent at all of these criteria, though not perfect. I would choose Inc Authority for registering an LLC, but I would stick with their free option whenever possible due to the high price of their other packages. Their customer service is good but not the best; however, their ease of use is great on both desktop and mobile.

Overall, I would recommend Inc Authority over their competition due to their free option. Also, you can feel free to use their free option and pay for the add on services you truly need and still save money.

Frequently Asked Questions About IncAuthority

  • How long does it take IncAuthority to process my LLC formation order?

Your order processing time will vary depending on the state in which you are forming your LLC. For some states, it can be just a few days; others take longer. Also, if you purchased the Tycoon Package, you get priority processing.

  • Will Inc Authority share my information?

If you accept one of the free extra features or special offers, then they do share your information with the business providing the service. Inc Authority makes money by sharing your information this way.

  • Does Inc Authority try to upsell?

Inc Authority does try to upsell. Since they offer a free service, they do try to make some money. However, they are not really pushy in their attempts to sell additional services. The services are offered on a page at the end of the order process.

  • What is Inc Authority’s contact information?

Inc Authority’s phone number is 1-877-462-6366.

Their email address is [email protected].

  • Does Inc Authority offer refunds?

Inc Authority does not offer any refunds. They do not offer refunds because of the costs they incur filing the paperwork with your chosen state. So, be sure you are ready to file before placing your order.

  • Which Inc Authority package is best?

Get started with IncAuthority now (start with FREE package)! They have top-notch customer service & lots of additional perks.

This depends on whether you think the extra feature available with the premium packages would be useful for your business and worth the price. But, for those on a budget, the free package should work just fine.

  • Should I pay Inc Authority to obtain my EIN?

This is really a matter of personal preference. You can obtain an EIN yourself for free online from the IRS. However, some people prefer the convenience of getting an EIN from the same people they are having file their LLC.

  • Does Inc Authority have services other than LLC formation?

Yes, Inc Authority does offer services beyond LLC  formation. They offer various services, such as tax consultations, business credit research, operating agreements, business license research, ownership certificates, business credit assistance, meeting minutes, etc.

  • Should I reserve my LLC name before I place my LLC formation order with Incfile?

You probably won’t need to reserve your LLC name before forming your LLC. Reserving your business name ahead of time is only necessary if you’re not ready to form your business or form an LLC in Alabama. Otherwise, it is an unnecessary expense.

If you are not ready to form your LLC but have chosen a name, reserving the name can ensure that it’s available when you are ready. If you’re forming an LLC in Alabama, you are required to reserve a name for your LLC before starting the formation process.

  • Can I file form an LLC without a formation service?

You can form an LLC without the help of a formation service. There are many people who do form their LLC themselves. However, the process can be complicated since the procedure is not the same in every state.

Also, it takes a lot of time and effort to correctly form an LLC. So, it can make the whole process easier if you have the help of an LLC formation service. You could also hire a lawyer to set up your LLC, but this is more expensive than online LLC formation services.

  • Does Inc Authority provide good customer service?

Inc Authority provides timely customer support by email, webchat, or phone. Their representatives are quite knowledgeable and friendly no matter which option you choose. The only problem with their support is the short hours, which are Monday through Friday from 11am to 8pm.

  • Is Inc Authority really free?

Yes, Inc Authority is free. You only have to pay the state fee. They do offer paid services if you choose to purchase them.

  • Will Inc Authority file my annual report?

Inc Authority will file your annual report, but they charge an extra $100 fee to do so.

  • Will Inc Authority file in all states?

There are a few states that require publication service, and Inc Authority does not provide this. Inc Authority will reserve your name in these states. But, you will need to handle your own publication requirements.

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