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Northwest Registered Agent was founded in 1998 from Spokane in Washington and has then steadily grown in reputation. To this day, they have helped to form around two million businesses, and their portfolio is ever-expanding. They aim to be fully transparent to all of their customers, simplifying the process of business formation and other registered agent services. Every single day they are working on more than 200 new LLCs, but are always willing to take on a new client.

Northwest Registered Agent is one of the favored companies in the industry. Although they may not be one of the biggest, they offer a thorough and complete service (one of the best actually). We will take a look at the many pros and cons of this company, what services it can provide, and the pricing options available.

Northwest is one of our top-rated LLC services! If you want to discover some more options — read our best LLC services guide here.

Now regarding its name — a registered agent is simply the company that accepts services of processes on behalf of the business for a company or individual.

A Quick Video Review of Northwest

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Quick Northwest Overview

When forming an LLC it’s very important to take into account several things if you chose to use an incorporation service. In the case of Northwest, here are the ones that we reviewed:

  1. The Ordering Process | 4/5
  2. How’s the customer service? | 5/5
  3. How quick is Northwest (Turnaround time)? | 4.7/5
  4. How’s the overall pricing and value of Northwest? 4.3/5

Overall, Northwest Registered Agent truly deserves a rating of 4.5/5. They do have top-notch, unrivaled support. Quite high, but very flexible pricing and superb 3rd party reviews from their other customers.

We’ll be reviewing each of those 4 points in detail further in the article. However, if you’re already convinced – we can definitely say that you can freely try Northwest and you won’t be disappointed. But do keep in mind that there are worthy alternatives too.

Northwest – $225 (or $35/mo)

Use our special promo and get an LLC today with Northwest & get Registered Agent 1 year for free! Hassle-free and quick.

(ZenBusiness Alternative) – $49

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They are one of the top-rated quality-to-price ratio services.

Thorough Northwest Review and Rating = 4.5/5

Here is a breakdown of some of the key rating that we think it’s important for every LLC service.

Most people won’t have any idea about what goes into forming a business, and this is hardly surprising. The good news is, you won’t have to stress about trying to work it all out yourself, as this is the point of using an incorporation service. Northwest Registered Agent helps to make things as simple as possible, as quickly as possible.

1. The Ordering Process = 4/5

The Northwest process is simple. It simply requires you to enter your business and personal details and pay the fee, and the rest of the hard work will be done for you. Overall, they have got very positive reviews, but being a smaller company, there are not as many as their larger counterparts.

The process can vary in speed, but when you select your state from the drop-down menu when filling out the form, the estimated turnaround time will be provided, so you will at least have an idea of the timeline of the process.

2. Customer Service = 5/5

There are many different ways you can get in contact with the helpful customer service team. On their website, they have a simple form you can fill in with your inquiry, and you’ll receive a relatively prompt reply. It is clear that you are not just treated as a number, as responses are thorough and details, and often go above and beyond simply answering your question. Additionally, you can also contact the team by phone. The representatives will take the time to answer all of your questions to the fullest, with utmost accuracy.

Northwest services are priced quite high but in my opinion — superb support justifies it.

3. Turnaround Time = 4.7/5

The speed of Northwest service largely depends on the state you plan to form your LLC in. When you’ll select your preferred state — Northwest will tell you the approximate “ETA”. Which is very helpful and easy to understand.

Northwest themselves work really great and quick, so your main concern should be the state clerks because Northwest is definitely providing you a top-notch service.

4. Other Services & Overall Value = 4.3/5

They are the only registered agent that will locally scan every single document that you receive. It will be scanned in the service office directly to your account, which is where your documents will be received. The aim of this process is to offer good customer satisfaction and enhances quality control.

Registered agent services only have to scan state and legal mail over to you, but Northwest go above and beyond with this service, also scanning over normal business mail for no extra charge. No mail or messages from clients or investors who try and contact your company through Northwest will be let slip through the net.

If you are a customer of Northwest Registered Service, you are able to make use of the free online tools. You will only have to enter your corporate data once, as the same data will be filled out every time you file a form. You will also be able to access online copies of all the items the company has ever scanned on your behalf.

Overall — they’re definitely one of our most favorite services out there (even considering their above-than-average price). But that’s not without its PROS. You certainly get what you pay for and a little bit more.
For $225 — you get everything you need + free Registered Agent service for a whole year. Alternatively, you can choose a payment plan of just $35/month and get everything you need without breaking your bank.

Our overall rating of Northwest: 4.5/5

Starting From $35+State Fees

star rating image

Rating: 4.5/5
Review count: 890+


Form an LLC today with Northwest! They have unrivaled customer support and company formation experience. 9 out of 10 people recommend Northwest. It’s not the cheapest, but you definitely get what you pay for.

How Is Northwest Registered Agent Different From Other Service Providers?

Business is conducted fairly and the right way. Northwest sets itself apart from other agencies by being completely transparent with its customers. There are no hidden fees, no sales stuff running through a script, no phone extensions for when you are trying to get hold of an actual person and unparallel support is given, without ever being annoying.

The size of a company can matter, and Northwest is perfectly sized. It is not too small so that it is unreputable, but not so big that its customers are just a number. It is the perfect small to medium size, meaning it can provide both a personalized and reliable service.

When it comes to privacy, Northwest will not let you down. They will never sell your data or share it with other third parties. You don’t even have to opt in to make sure that your data is kept private, as privacy by default is automatic.

Pros and Cons of Northwest


  • One of the biggest benefits of Northwest Registered Agent is their customer support is unparalleled. You don’t get passed from person to person like lots of customer support services, it is likely that the first person you speak to will be able to answer any questions you may have. They strive to keep the support in-house, with each individual professionally trained.
  • There are no hidden fees, upsells, or any other confusing packages which means you end up paying more than you originally thought you would. What you see is what you get. Other companies may try to take advantage of you and try to trick you into paying more for things you likely don’t need, but Northwest Registered Agent Review keep things nice and straightforward.
  • The company does its best to protect all of its customers, which means not selling your information to third parties as many other companies do. Any information or data that you provide them will never go further than them, which for many people can be a huge relief. It also means that you are not going to be getting any annoying spam calls or emails.
  • There are a number of freebies that get thrown in with their Registered agent service and LLC formation service, which can be a real perk. You’ll get annual report reminders if your LLC has an annual filing, saving you the hassle of trying to remember yourself the next time it is due. This way, there is no chance of the state shutting it down for failure to file.

Special Deal! Register your LLC with Northwest today! Hassle-free, top-notch support & 100% guarantee.


  • The price. Although you are getting great service from Northwest, there is no denying that it comes at a higher price tag compared with some of its top competitors. If you are on a tight budget, then this may not be the best company to go with, as you will find that there are many more affordable options out there.
  • Although for many this will not be a huge problem, if you are one of those people who like to read a lot of reviews about a product or service before you invest, this is where Northwest falls short. As a smaller company, they have much fewer 3rd-party customer reviews online. Although this may not mean it is worse than others out there, it may fail to give potential customers the peace of mind they need to pay up.

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing & Costs

With Northwest, there is just one option for incorporating a company. The simplicity of this and the straightforward nature of the service is one of the main reasons that so many people choose to go with Northwest. You know what you are getting. There is no bells and whistles and added extras, they provide exactly what you need, and don’t throw in anything you don’t need and charge you a premium for it.

The Base Package ($225 + state fees)

(possible monthly installments of ~$35/mo)

northwest pricing

Their LLC Filing package costs $225, plus state fee, and for this, they will do all the necessary paperwork with the state that is needed to form a business in addition to their regular Registered Agent service. The Registered Agent service alone usually costs $125 every year, so to get a whole year thrown in for the fixed price is a real bonus, and something you wouldn’t see very often. Here is a breakdown of what you’ll receive for this price:

  • They will make sure that the LLC name that you want to use is still available by searching the state’s official business database. They will then let you know if they have found that the name has already been claimed by another business or individual.
  • As mentioned previously, they will deal with all the documents necessary to outline your basic company. This way, the state will be able to officially form your new LLC. After preparing the documents for you, they will file them with the required state.
  • A registered agent’s job is to receive important legal documents on the behalf of your LLC and then forward them on to you. Every LLC in America is required to have this, and a year of this service is provided in the cost of the initial package. After the first year is up, you can renew this service for $125 a year, although you don’t have to if you would rather switch to another company.
  • An operating agreement is not something that is needed to from an LLC, yet it is still provided by Northwest. Although it is not compulsory, it is still highly recommended. Essentially, it is the document that describes how your LLC will be operated and shows the ownership structure.
  • You will be able to use their address as your official business address, so all the government documents that would otherwise be sent to you, will be sent to them. This way, your personal information won’t have to be shared publicly, and you won’t be inundated with mail from where people have been able to access your address. You should notice that the amount of junk mail that you receive will significantly decrease.
  • Every document that they receive on your behalf will be scanned for you, not just the ones that they are legally entitled to scan. The are the only national registered agent service to put this extra effort in for their clients at no extra cost.

Other Elements Included In Their Package

Included in the package, to help get your business up and running, they will also offer initial resolutions, corporate stock certificates and corporate bylaws. This is a really great package, providing everything that you need to get started, and doesn’t confuse things with added services that you won’t need to start with, all for one great price.

Optional Add Ons

This is the base package, but if you would like, you also have the option to purchase some add ons. None of these add-ons are compulsory, and the company will not upsell you or try to convince you to purchase them, it is completely your choice and all additional add-ons will be clearly advertised as such.

  • Northwest will provide a Federal Tax ID number for an additional $50. This number means that your business will be able to hire employees, open business bank accounts and many other things that businesses will likely need to do at some point. For this fee, the company will obtain it for you, saving you the hassle.
  • For $9 a month, Northwest will get you a second phone number to use for your business. This can be a very helpful tool to have at your disposal, as your personal line will be kept private, yet any calls to this number will still be forwarded on to you.
  • For $100 annually, they will complete your compliance filing for you for that year.

3rd Party Reviews of Northwest (From Trustpilot, BBB & More)

Overall rating and reviews of NW Registered Agent are pretty good. They definitely shine in their customer support field. And here are a few reviews from real people on BBB, Trustpilot and more.

  • Northwest BBB average rating — 4.29/5 (Visit their BBB profile).
  • Northwest has some pretty good reviews on Reddit. But subreddits are quite scattered around, so you’ll need to go thread-by-thread to have an overall idea.
  • Northwest doesn’t seem to have any reviews on ConfummerAffairs.
  • They have some pretty good feedback on Yelp (visit Northwest’s Yelp page).
  • Finally, Northwest has some helpful and very well written testimonials on Google Reviews (check them here).

In addition, here are some real people talking about Northwest services (with screenshots):

Northwest review truspilot

A very excellent registered agent and company formation service. I have used others and Northwest has been the best. It’s only slightly more expensive than your average provider and entirely worth it. The account area is nice and support is responsive/knowledgeable. The resources on the website are useful. And the registered agent service includes basic mail forwarding (with limitations, which for my business are fine and save me from needing a PO box). I love ’em.

Northwest registered Agent has been an amazing force in setting up my LLC and getting my EIN. They have been patient in explaining and offering guidance. They are not annoying and do everything they can to make the experience easy and painless. Being able to pay in monthly payments for the LLC filing and services is another amazing feature of this company. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking to form their first LLC or company. These guys and gals are just great! I couldn’t ask for more!

Aaron northwest bbb review
Ladora review northwest bbb

Hi Ladora, I had a chance to coordinate with our filing team and it does appear that due to a clerical error, the incorrect company name was used for the PA filing order. Our filing team will be filing Articles of Amendment with the PA Department of State free of charge to correct the company name for you. We’ll be sure to to notify you as soon as we receive the completed amendment filing back from the State. So sorry for any inconveniences this caused. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. All the best, Miles DeMarco Corporate Guide Northwest Registered Agent LLC Thanks so much for correcting the company’s name free of charge… such a huge relief more importantly I will write a review highlighting this is why we selected NWR and it’s worth the price b/c of the quality of customer service is unmatched! There is no I in Team!?? Dr. LaDora Matthews, Ph.D., LPC

I am more than pleased with the overall service that i have received so far. I will continue to use this business for my business needs. Customer service is great.

Edward Northwest review bbb

What’s the Overall Value of Northwest Registered Agent?

Special Deal! Register your LLC with Northwest today! Hassle-free, top-notch service & 100% guarantee. (Cheap monthly installments)

Compared with other top business formation services out there, Northwest is on the higher end of the pricing scale, although you do get a lot for your initial investment. The base formation package provides everything you will need, but a good service does tend to come at a higher price point. What is lower than other services in the industry is the fact that they will continue serving as your registered agent in the first year, which is including the price. This fact is comparatively lower than what many competing services offer.

As they say, you get what you pay for, and this is very true in the case of Northwest. You may be paying a slightly higher price tag, but you will be getting a thorough and reputable service for your money.

The overall value of Northwest: 4.5/5 – Superb!

Main Competitors and Alternatives of Northwest

Alternative #1: ZenBusiness


star rating image

Rating: 4.8/5
Review count: 4000+

zenbusiness logo new

Form and LLC today with ZenBusiness — a #1 Northwest’s alternative for only $49. They Have 98% customer satisfaction rating and over 4000+ verified reviews. Check our full review of Zenbusiness here.

Alternative #2: IncAuthority

$0+State Fees

star rating image

Rating: 4.8/5
Review count: 4500+

incauthority logo

Form an LLC today with IncAuthority starting at $0+state fees. They’re one of best-known services with lots of great customer experience. Here’s a full IncAuthority review.

FAQs About Northwest

Final Thoughts on Northwest

I highly recommend using Northwest if you are in need of a company to help form your LLC. They are without a doubt one of the easiest out there to use and have the best customer support in the industry, which is certainly a strong combination.

Click here to start forming your LLC with Northwest today.

Although they are not one of the most well-known companies, they do everything any high-level company can do, and sometimes more. Choosing the right company for your needs is a personal decision that will depend on many factors, including the price of the service. If you choose to use Northwest as your online corporation service, you will in no way regret your decision, especially if you want great customer support and 12 months of registered agent services included in the original price.

Form An LLC With Northwest Today

Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5

Northwest Registered Agent

Best-in-the-market customer support and quick, hassle-free LLC formation

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