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5 Best Registered Agent Services in 2023 (Choose Wisely)

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Searching for the best Registered Agent service to guarantee that your business remains compliant and fulfills filing deadlines? Look no further than this comprehensive comparison of the 5 leading registered agent services in 2023. Get a peek at their core features side-by-side so you can easily pick which one suits your needs best.

Choosing the best Registered Agent service for your business in 2023 is a crucial decision. With many options available, it can be difficult to decide which one works best for you. It is important to carefully evaluate all of your choices before making a decision. The top 5 registered agent services have been carefully researched so that businesses and entrepreneurs can know they are making the right choice. From industry professionals and experts to those who are just getting started – these five agents provide quality service with trustworthiness and reliability at the center of their core values. Make sure to do your research and be sure when choosing the perfect registered agent for your business!

To make the best choice for your startup’s registered agent, get familiar with each of our top picks below. After learning about all of the registered agents, you’ll be able to decide which legal services are perfect for your business and needs!

Northwest Registered Agent is the clear choice when it comes to premium services. Yes, their fee might be a little higher at $125/year, but believe me – it’s worth every penny! They provide an effortless process and quality customer service with experienced business professionals known as Corporate Guides®. You can also count on same-day local scans and free digital mail forwarding from Northwest; not forgetting that they guarantee your privacy by never selling off any of your personal data.

Quick Overview of Top 5 Registered Agent Services

four point five out of five stars
✔️ Superlative service for your customers
✔️ Streamline your ordering process with ease and convenience.
✔️ Enjoy a hassle-free experience that saves you time, energy, and money!
✔️ Prioritizing Privacy as the Standard
✔️ Digitize your documents quickly and accurately with our local scanning services.


✔️Cost-effective pricing
✔️Make managing documents a breeze with our user-friendly online dashboard.
✔️Glowing customer feedback


four point three out of five stars
✔️Remain informed and stay up-to-date with our email and SMS notifications.
✔️Streamline your mailing process by utilizing Automatic Mail Forwarding.
✔️Unlock a world of knowledge with our free learning center!


Video Overview of the Top-rated Registered Agent Providers

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5 Best Registered Agent Services

Here we give you our most recommended 5 Registered Agent services for your LLC. We carefully researched, ordered, and tried each and every one of their service with our own hands.
So you can’t go wrong if you choose either one of them (specially top-3):

  1. Northwest Registered Agent
  2. ZenBusiness
  3. Incfile
  4. Inc Authority
  5. Legalzoom

Now let’s dive into each one of them in more detail.

1. Northwest Registered Agent Services

For the best overall registered agent service providers, we selected Northwest Registered Agent ($125/year). This company is renowned for providing outstanding customer service and having an experienced team of Corporate Guides who provide personalized support on every stage of your business journey.

With two decades of experience in business, Northwest stood out as the top-choice registered agent service—and here’s why.

  • As the most customer-friendly LLC service out there, they have earned a strong reputation. Compared to all of the other registered agent services we’ve both reviewed and contacted, their phone/email support is unrivaled.
  • Here at Northwest Registered Agent, we ensure all your legal documents are securely and efficiently scanned. Unlike most other registered agent services that only scan legal summonses, we take the extra step of digitally capturing every single piece of paperwork you receive. This guarantees you never miss a document and avoid any unwelcome surprises in the future!

Here’s a comprehensive overview of their features:

  • Purchase Registered agent services and enjoy the same pricing year after year – no surprises!
  • Enjoy the convenience of free mail forwarding, enabling you to access your post anywhere anytime!
  • Enjoy a lifetime of assistance from entrepreneurial experts in your area!
  • Ensuring the security of personal data is paramount for every company.

Pros of Northwest Registered Agent

  • Get exceptional registered agent service at an unbeatable and affordable price.
  • Gain even more savings with their volume discounts – the more you buy, the better your discount!
  • For a limited time, receive a full year of registered agent service for free when you form your business with us!
  • Every document scanned onsite to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Cons of Northwest Registered Agent

  • Their business formation service fee is $225.

2. ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness provides excellent customer support and offers great value for money. With their registered agent services, you will be guaranteed to get top-notch assistance at an unbeatable price of $199 per annum. One thing to note is that the company does not provide free registered agent services when forming LLCs – but with such reasonable prices, it won’t even feel like a burden on your budget!

ZenBusiness’ customer testimonies demonstrate their reliability in providing prompt assistance, cultivating a high level of satisfaction among customers.

Upgrade to the “Complete” registered agent services from ZenBusiness and gain peace of mind with a compliance guarantee that includes:

  • Receive a yearly reminder to file your reports with ease!
  • They will take care of all document submission costs, except for any applicable state fees.
  • Get two alterations to your filings annually, free of charge (though state filing fees may still be applicable).
  • If your business fails to adhere to a deadline or state mandate, their coverage offers the financial assistance needed for you to regain good standing.

Pros of ZenBusiness

  • Quality legal service for your business at an affordable cost
  • They provide a free incorporation service, with just the state filing fee to be paid by you.
  • Extraordinary customer satisfaction and reviews.
  • An exceptional customer support network that will always be available when you need it most.
  • Good business practices are at the heart of this company, as they strive to be socially responsible and make a positive impact in our communities.

Cons of ZenBusiness

  • There are cheaper options available in comparison with ZenBusiness.

By selecting Zen business you can avail of all the top registered agent services in decent rates.

3. Incfile Registered Agent Services

If you’re searching for the right choice on a lower budget, Incfile is definitely worth considering. They have a long history of success since their debut in 2004 and they boast an incredibly useful Learning Center that’s packed with relevant information to help business owners reach their goals. With over 150,000 customers already served by Incfile, it’s clear why this company should be your top pick!

  • They are offering an entire year of registered agent services for free when you form a limited liability company (LLC)!
  • After the first year, prices are discounted to a rate of just $119 annually.

Incfile’s advantageous registered agent dashboard permits you to promptly access and track essential business papers. Moreover, they send email and SMS updates so that you can stay up-to-date regarding the condition of your documents with ease.

Pros of Incfile

  • Affordable registered agent services at Reasonable prices
  • Get your business off the ground for free (apart from state fee)!
  • Glowing customer testimonials and Reviews
  • When you purchase your formation package today, enjoy 12 months of registered agent service for free.

Cons of Incfile

  • Countless additional items and upgrades i.e. Addons and Extensions.

4. Inc Authority Registered Agent Services

Inc Authority is an online service that simplifies the LLC formation and business ownership process for entrepreneurs. With nearly three decades of experience, this Nevada-based company helps form over 25,000 corporations and LLCs every year by providing assistance with paperwork, legal requirements and other essentials.

Inc Authority Pricing

Inc Authority has set itself apart from other competitors with its generous free services. From filing and storing the documents that your LLC requires for it to run successfully, as well as providing a registered agent in the business’s first year- all of these basic services are gratis. However, you will still need to pay necessary fees to the Secretary of State regardless how you decide on filing!

Invest in your business’ success with Inc Authority’s Starter Business Bundle! Their one-size-fits-most service selection of both free and premium services will provide you with everything needed to get your company up and running, including credit, funding, web presence – all for only $369.95. If you are looking for the higher tier bundles They used to offer online at three different price points that may still be available by contacting their customer service line. Don’t wait any longer – invest in your future now!

Inc Authority Pros

  • Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is now free, plus applicable state fees.
  • Get a 12-month complimentary subscription to their Registered Agent Services.
  • Effortlessly check out with just a few clicks!
  • Whether it’s a quick query or helping you out of a tricky situation, their customer service team provides prompt and empathetic assistance.

Inc Authority Cons

  • Business owners can leverage upsells for free, such as Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Investing in a Premium Startup Bundle is more costly than other business formation services, however the added value of these bundles has proven to be invaluable.

5. LegalZoom Registered Agent Services

LegalZoom is well-known, relatively expensive, and has a solid presence in the registered agent services industry.

It Includes Includes:

  • Take advantage of the LLC formation offer for only $159 a year!
  • Enjoy an annual subscription at only $299!

LegalZoom’s registered agent services are a cut above the competition, offering business data protection, an extensive compliance calendar, and limitless cloud storage. Even though their costs may be more expensive than other providers on the market, opting for LegalZoom is reassuring since they boast years of experience as well as trusted name recognition.

Pros of LegalZoom

  • Extensive experience
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Cons of LegalZoom

  • Much Higher prices
  • Formation packages are inadequate in delivering the necessary features that users need.

Benefits of Using Registered Agent Services

Taking advantage of registered agent services can offer many benefits to businesses. Registered agents are able to accept service of process for a business during regular business hours, meaning the business does not need to be concerned about missing important court documentation and notices.

Additionally, Harbor Compliance registered agent services provide a physical address in each state that can be used as the company’s Business Address with the Secretary of State.

Business owners also have access to their own suite address which adds an additional layer of privacy, security and anonymity when it comes to receiving official mail.

Taking advantage of registered agent services provides businesses with a reliable and professional system for processing important documents, protecting their assets, and ensuring that they always meet their compliance requirements.

If you’re still wondering what a Registered Agent is and how can you be one yourself — read our full Registered Agent Guide here.

What to Look For Before Choosing Your Registered Agent Service?

When it comes to selecting the ideal registered agent service for your small business, there are three essential considerations:

  • What type of business do you own
  • Identifying and Addressing the Needs of your Business
  • Take your business to the next level with these invaluable resources!

We have concluded that each registered agent service is based on the following:

  • Pricing:
    Is the company providing economical registered agent services for small business owners to guarantee their essential needs?
  • Features:
    Does the company’s registered agent service offer essential features necessary to ensure businesses remain compliant with applicable laws and regulations? Such as receiving vital business and legal documents, providing seamless access to online documentation, etc.
  • User Reviews:
    Are customers satisfied with the registered agent service? Has it been rated and reviewed positively in the past, and is it open to constructive criticism from dissatisfied clients?
  • Customer Support:
    Will the service team provide entrepreneurs with confident support throughout their business journey? Are they knowledgeable, amicable, and accessible to customers’ needs?
  • Accessibility and Transparency:
    Does the services’ website offer an easily navigable and understandable user experience? Is the checkout process seamless, customer-oriented, and without any unknown costs?

Ultimately, we are dedicated to suggesting services that offer our users the greatest value so they can initiate and foster lucrative businesses with ease.

Online Registered Agent Services Pros and Cons


  • It’s normal for independent professionals to have slightly higher prices than the deals large companies with a nationwide presence provide. More often than not, these national providers are more affordable.
  • Choosing to go with professional registered agent services ensures that you will never have crucial i.e. Legal and tax documents delivered in the presence of your clients, employees or customers. You wouldn’t want a court summons interrupting an important business deal or investor relations opportunity, now would you?
  • With registered agent services, you can relax knowing that rain and snow won’t cause mail delivery delays, your paperwork will remain safe from thieves, and any important documents won’t be overlooked while you’re away. Thanks to their advanced technology solutions, these services guarantee that all of your essential papers are received on time each time.
  • With a Registered Agent, you can move your business around with ease – knowing that the registered agent’s address remains static. This makes them an ideal choice for web-based businesses as it ensures continuity regardless of where they are based.
  • Ignoring the cost of a registered agent can be an extremely expensive mistake. The consequences range from losing your business license to paying hefty fines, and in some cases even risking criminal charges! It’s clear that having one is well worth the price tag.


  • With an online registered agent service provider, there’s very little that could go wrong – unless you live in one of those rare states where it is permissible to be your own registered agent. In such a case, you may have the chance to keep some extra money in your pocket!


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