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How Long Does it Take to Get an LLC? Timeframes for ALL States

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How long does it take to get an LLC? It’s a question every business owner is looking for the answer to. Launching a business is an exhilarating experience, but the timeline for LLC formation varies significantly between states. 

While some governments allow expedited filing times to facilitate a speedy process, others may move slower than anticipated and cause delays without advanced notice depending upon the state’s business law. Unlike online shopping where you can track your order as it’s sent out and receive it on schedule, forming an LLC requires patience due to bureaucratic red tape from authorities which cannot be predicted or controlled.

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How Long Does it Take to Create an LLC?

The speed at which an LLC is created usually varies from one U.S. state to another. On average, after the registration documents are submitted it will take anywhere between a week and 10 business days for completion; however, some states may process your intake information in as little as three working days!

Although, one must take into account that it may take longer than usual to process documents during certain times of the year. Typically, a high filing volume is noticed at both the start and end of each calendar year – so plan ahead!

LLC Processing Times

What is LLC processing time?

The duration of time it takes for your state to evaluate and enter your LLC filing into its system is varied, although processing typically begins after they have received all the necessary documents. This timeline does not encompass how long it will take you to dispatch the documents or for them to return the approved LLC paperwork back to you.

On average it takes ~2-4 weeks for Standard Processing & 3-7 days for the Expedited Processing option.

The State Statute Sets the Rules for Timing

Every state has specific laws and statutes that determine the formation times, registration, and dissolution of an LLC. These rules typically set out whether or not it is necessary to have Articles of Organization and a formal LLC Operating Agreement in place – otherwise default provisions outlined by law will apply.

How to Create an LLC?

To initiate an LLC, you must fulfill several steps – one being the filing of the articles of organization with your respective state’s department. This can be done through mail, in person, or filing online depending on your state. Additionally, certain general information such as business name and address, member names, and dates of birth along with their signatures are also needed for submission to the appropriate authority for approval.

Standard and Expedited LLC Processing Times For All 50 States

The amount of time it takes to open an LLC is largely dependent on the turnaround times from your state’s agency after you submit the Articles of Organization (or Certificate of Formation/Organization). That timeframe can be further impacted by whether or not you select standard or expedited processing.

When registering your Articles of Organization, the majority of states offer a wealth of options for filing. These alternatives consist of submitting online, by mail, fax or in person. In most situations, submitting electronically is the swiftest means and occasionally can be instantaneously processed. Sending via postal service is commonly the slowest option which could take weeks to complete – not counting transit time!

If you’re curious about how long it takes to legally register an LLC, we have the answer for you. Below is a list of each US state and the corresponding standard and expedited processing times. The standard processing time describes the estimated wait with normal conditions while the expedited service refers to our approximate filing time when utilizing our accelerated submission process.

States (Arranged Alphabetically) Standard Processing Time (weeks)Expedited Processing Time (Days)
Alabama2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Alaska2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Arizona2 – 3 weeks5 – 7 days
Arkansas2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
California2 – 3 weeks11 – 13 days
Colorado2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Connecticut2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
Delaware2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
District of Columbia2 – 3 weeks8 – 10 days
Florida2 – 3 weeks8 – 10 days
Georgia2 – 3 weeks7 – 9 days
Hawaii3 – 4 weeks10 – 12 days
Idaho2 – 3 weeks8 – 10 days
Illinois2 – 3 weeks7 – 9 days
Indiana2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Iowa2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Kansas2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Kentucky2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Louisiana2 – 3 weeks5 – 7 days
Maine6 – 7 weeks39 – 41 days
Maryland3 – 4 weeks12 – 14 days
Massachusetts2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Michigan2 – 3 weeks10 – 12 days
Minnesota2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Mississippi2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Missouri2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Montana2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
Nebraska2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
Nevada2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
New Hampshire3 – 4 weeks12 – 14 days
New Jersey2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
New Mexico2 – 3 weeks7 – 9 days
New York2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
North Carolina2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
North Dakota2 – 3 weeks5 – 7 days
Ohio2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Oklahoma2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Oregon2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Pennsylvania6 – 7 weeks45 – 47 days
Rhode Island2 – 3 weeks6 – 8 days
South Carolina2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
South Dakota2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Tennessee2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Texas3 – 4 weeks6 – 8 days
Utah3 – 4 weeks11 – 13 days
Vermont2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Virginia2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Washington4 – 5 weeks9 – 11 days
West Virginia5 – 6 weeks1 – 2 days
Wisconsin2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days
Wyoming2 – 3 weeks4 – 6 days

Nevertheless, these are merely estimates and could be altered depending on the period of year or other elements. Documents filed with busier state offices during peak times may take longer to process.

LLC Approval Times

What is LLC approval time?

From the moment you submit your LLC to its approval, this is how long it will take until completion. It encompasses processing and transit times for receipt and dispatch from the state respectively.

LLC Approval Time for Mail Filings

LLC approval time (mail) = The amount of time it takes for your item to be processed and shipped back to you includes transit times both coming into the state and going out.

The complete timeline of receiving official approval for LLC mail filings consists of the time it takes your document to travel to the state, how long the state needs in order to review your submission, and then again when the paperwork is sent back with your approved LLC status.

Allow approximately one week for postal delivery time in either direction and then factor in processing times specific to your state. For instance, if the current turnaround time is two weeks where you live, it will take roughly 3-4 weeks from start to finish for approval.

LLC Approval Time for Online Filings

Across the majority of states, submitting filings electronically is much faster and more efficient than going by snail mail. This is because you submit your application via the internet and receive confirmation (or rejection) back online – no waiting around for documents to arrive in the post! Furthermore, most LLCs registered through web-based channels will find their requests accepted within seven days usually; however a few states may be able give immediate affirmation or take up to a handful of weeks depending on circumstances.

Things to Remember Prior to Filing for an LLC

Tax Structure

After your LLC is officially recorded with the state, it can be built to imitate a corporation. This not only ensures you have access to all of the advantages of limited liability protection that come with incorporation but also grants you access to some basic benefits typically associated with partnerships in terms of taxation.

LLC Formation Fees Vary

Before the state grants approval for your LLC, you must pay a filing fee of between $100 and $1,000 (dependent on the state where documents are being filed). The processing of your articles of organization will not commence unless full payment has been received.

Fortunately, in many cases forming an LLC is as effortless as submitting one page to the appropriate state department – commonly referred to as either certificate or articles of organization depending on what’s required by that particular state – together with their associated filing fees.

To find out all the filing fees for all states — see how much an LLC costs guide here.

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