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Wyoming Registered Agent 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

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In order to start a Wyoming LLC, you must name a Registered Agent, as required by the State of Wyoming. Your agent will receive all communication from the state on behalf of your business including official documents and service notices for any court proceedings that may arise. A registered agent is thus indispensable when doing business in this great state.

Don’t hire a Wyoming Registered Agent just yet – read this comprehensive guide first! It contains all the important information you need to know about hiring a registered agent, why it’s necessary in Wyoming, and who can serve as your LLC’s Registered Agent. Arm yourself with knowledge before making any decisions.

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What is a Registered Agent in the State of Wyoming?

A Wyoming Agent is a person or business in the state of Wyoming that has consented to accept legal on behalf of your LLC, as Service of Process. These legal services can include summonses, complaints and subpoenas – should your company ever face any lawsuits.

Who Can Be Your LLC’s Registered Agent in Wyoming?

If you are looking to form an LLC in Wyoming, you have three choices for who can be your Registered Agent:

  1. You can agree to serve as the agent yourself
  2. A friend or family member could act on behalf of the LLC
  3. Lastly, but certainly not least hiring a professional Registered Agent Service from Wyoming might just be what’s needed.

Is a Registered Agent Required in Wyoming?

Wyoming requires a Registered Agent for the courts and legal system to be able to track documents being delivered. A reliable street address in Wyoming must be provided where important papers can be delivered during regular business hours, similar how Certified Mail Return Receipt works. This way, delivery of these documents is guaranteed accurately so that both sender and receiver will know when it has been received or not.

Most states require a Registered Agent to act as the main contact for accepting documents such as business and tax notices, annual report reminders, etc. In Wyoming though, most communications from the Secretary of State are sent electronically via email.

Hiring a Registered Agent in Wyoming

If you are searching for a registered agent in Wyoming, it is essential to understand the basic qualifications. Any resident of Wyoming who meets these criteria may be eligible to serve as your LLC’s registered agent:

  1. They must be 18 years old or older,
  2. Possess both a physical and legal address within the state where you will do business,
  3. Actively available during standard working hours.

As long as all of these requirements have been met by an individual, that person can act on behalf of your LLC.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Absolutely! The LLC’s founder, any managers, and even their family members are eligible to become registered agents. Moreover, whoever acts as commercial registered agents or a representative of the business must meet certain standards. So yes – you can indeed be your own registered agent without having to turn to an outside source.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Your Own Registered Agent

Although some small businesses may opt to be their own Registered Agent in order to save money, this is strongly discouraged. As a self-appointed Registered Agent of your LLC, there are numerous issues you could encounter—some examples include legalities and red tape that can lead to more costly problems down the line.

  • Working from home, or in any online business, can open you up to potential privacy issues if your personal address is shared publicly. To do so means sacrificing your free time, as a registered agent must remain available at the official address during standard working hours for all 52 weeks of the year. This could severely limit what else you are able to accomplish with that limited amount of time.
  • On top of this, it’s important to ensure that the registered agent’s information remains updated on all applicable Secretary of State portals.

In order to lighten your workload, it is advisable to outsource the registered agent service. Not only will this provide you with more privacy, especially if you work from home, but it can be a wiser decision than attempting to act as your own basic registered agent service.

Wyoming Registered Agent Fee ($39 or $125/year)

When forming an LLC in Wyoming, you must appoint a Registered Agent – someone or something that will receive legal documents and state notifications on behalf of the business. Your chosen Registered Agent should possess a physical address within the state, and be available during regular work hours.

Whether it’s yourself, another person or a company – there are no extra charges involved if you decide to serve as your own registered agent.

Here are our recommended Agent service providers:

  • Northwest Registered Agent services are the perfect choice for those seeking to establish a new business and gain access to a registered agent, with a full LLC creation package starting at only $39 + state fees.


What to Consider While Choosing a Wyoming Registered Agent

When selecting a best registered agent name, here are some elements that you should weigh for the best decision.

Service Fee: 

Securing a registered agent is essential for any formal business, and picking the right one can be a crucial decision. Although hiring a reliable registered agent has an annual cost ranging from $99 to $300, this small expenditure could turn out to be immeasurable in terms of time saved.

Tenure in Business of Registered Agent: 

To ensure the smooth handling of your documents, you should select a premium Registered Agent service with proven procedures and extensive experience. We strongly suggest choosing Registered Agent Services that have been operating for many years; they are certainly up to the task of managing all your paperwork efficiently.

State Jurisdiction Limitation:

If your business takes off and you decide to expand into different states, it’s important to select the same registered agent for multiple locations in order to minimize any extra paperwork or hassle. Utilizing a single provider will help make sure all of your filings are accurate and on time.

Offer Monitoring and Follow-up Services: 

As a business owner, it’s essential for you to receive the latest information and notifications from your registered agent promptly. That way, you can stay abreast of all relevant laws, rules, and regulations that apply to your company. Fortunately some service providers offer this type of service – just make sure to select one that provides this feature!

How to Appoint a Registered Agent in Wyoming

When registering your Wyoming Articles of Organization, don’t forget to appoint a Registered Agent – conveniently done online or by mail without incurring any additional fees aside from the state filing fee.

  • Appoint Registered Agent Online. To appoint a registered agent online, make your way to the Wyoming LLC Online Filing page and accurately supply all of their pertinent information.
  • Appoint Registered Agent By Mail. To appoint a registered agent in Wyoming through the mail, simply download and fill out the relevant filing form from the State of Wyoming (PDF). Make sure you are providing accurate details for the Registered Agent section. Once completed, submit it to your respective Secretary of State office. For further information on this process, please refer to the Wyoming Articles of Organization.

How to Change a Registered Agent in Wyoming

To transform your Wyoming registered office address or agent, you must complete a Change of Registered Agent or Office by Entity form and send it to the Wyoming Secretary of State either through email or postal mail.

File By Mail or In-person

To submit the Change of Registered Agent or Office by Entity form, you can either go to an online account and download it from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s portal and fill in all your details on a computer. Ensure to have this signed by the newly appointed registered agent for authentication. Once completed, mail your finalized document to the specified address below:

Mail to:
Wyoming Secretary of State
Herschler Building East, Suite 101
122 W. 25th Street
Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020

Fee: $5 filing fee

How to Pay:

To complete your filing, payment must be made via check or money order to the Wyoming secretary of state virtual office. Unfortunately, Credit Card payments and online transactions are not an accepted form of payment.

Consent Letter

In order to alter your registered agent, the new individual must sign a consent letter which is provided in conjunction with the form for changing your current registered agent. This document does not cost anything to submit and can be easily acquired by downloading an editable PDF that requires only minimal filling out before it’s ready to send off at the indicated address.

The following information must be included in the consent letter:

  • Name of Registered Agent
  • Their address
  • Signature and
  • Date provided by them
  • As well as the business entity name

Why Do LLCs in Wyoming Need a Registered Agent Service

Companies should strongly consider appointing a registered agent in Wyoming due to multiple key benefits. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Confidentiality: By appointing a registered agent service in Wyoming, your business will be completely shielded from public view. Entrusting a company to act as your Wyoming registered agent service can also provide you with confidentiality agreements that ensure secure and private operations for the duration of the agreement.
  • Up-to-date Compliance: Don’t fret over the laborious paperwork and compliance associated with LLCs and corporates – simply invest in a registered agent service. With this, you can be certain that your free registered agent service will maintain an accurate compliance calendar; giving you peace of mind as deadlines are always met on time.
  • Privacy: Businesses in Wyoming must upload their address to the Wyoming Secretary of State, which can be a bit concerning if you are using your home as the business address. Appointing a registered agent service takes away this concern, as they provide their own secure address instead of yours. This way you can keep your private information safe and still comply with state requirements for businesses.
  • Availability: By utilizing a registered agent service, you can guarantee that someone will be available during the normal business hours of your company without compromising on other important tasks. With this solution, there’s no need for you to worry about somebody being available at all times!
  • Online Safe Backup: All registered agents in Wyoming and all other states typically back up their documents and paperwork online, thereby guaranteeing the LLC records are stored safely in a centralized system.
  • Lawsuits or Summons: Being called upon in a lawsuit can put an unsavory stigma on employees. Having a Registered Agent, however, will ensure that all legal documentation is sent to their professional address – relieving owners of any need to receive such correspondence at the office and avoiding any potential negative reactions from workers.

Wyoming Business Laws for Registered Agents to Note

Implementing a Registered Agent is vital for adhering to the established Wyoming LLC business laws and managing any legal issues pertinent to your organization. Every state has its own regulations, so it’s paramount that you are aware of and follow the specific ones imposed in Wyoming. Here’s an overview of several significant business codes all entrepreneurs should abide by when operating within this jurisdiction.

Wyoming Antitrust Laws

Antitrust laws are a decisive force in keeping markets open and competitive, punishing those that attempt to form monopolies or cartels. Wyoming’s antitrust regulations go even further by banning any agreement limiting trade, price-fixing schemes, acquisitions designed to reduce market competition, as well as other unfair practices. With these tough measures in place for protection of the public interest – businesses must remain wary not violate them!

Wyoming Deceptive Trade Practices Laws

The great State of Wyoming is dedicated to keeping its citizens safe from all forms of deceptive business practices. This includes the exploitation and manipulation of customers through false advertising, misleading statements, and odometer tampering. Therefore, to ensure a fair marketplace for all individuals living in Wyoming, laws have been created that explicitly prohibit these behaviors.

Wyoming’s Consumer Protection Act

The Fair Trade Practices Act stops a variety of activities including deceiving customers with false items or affiliations, lying about the ability to repair goods, employing bait and switch tactics, and any other egregious acts. As recompense for these wrongdoings, authorities can demand restraining orders or injunctions while also issuing a civil penalty up to $10K per deliberate violation. Further still, injured consumers have the right to be restored their real losses in addition to associated costs and fees.

Wyoming Interest Rate Laws

In the United States, all states have an Interest law for businesses. Normally, this rate is much lower than the legal threshold of interest rates; Wyoming sets a ceiling to still reduce high-interest charges which are unlawful and therefore punishable by law. While most general interests range from 7% per annum, court judgements can amount up to 10%. Exceptionally, government agencies may apply higher interests while credit sales and loans related to agricultural purposes do not require any kind of charge on late payments in Wyoming.

Wyoming Civil Statute of Limitations Laws

According to the Statute of Limitations, lawsuits must be filed within a specific amount of time following an occurrence. In Wyoming, this range is usually one to five years depending on the case type.

To file a claim for injury, fraud, or trespass-related cases, you must do so within four years from the incident’s occurrence. If it is about breaching a written contract, the deadline to raise such claims stands at 10 years. And lastly, if your dispute pertains to debt amount and judgments then you should be filing in five years’ time before expiration of its statute period.

If you wish to grow your business in Wyoming, appointing a Registered Agent is the best way forward. They’re responsible for acting as communication points between your company and State Authorities, promoting legal compliance according to regulations or codes that are applicable. Engaging with an authorized commercial registered agent offers a seamless experience without any hassle so your business can remain on the right side of state laws!

How to Remove a Registered Agent for LLC in Wyoming?

Changing the Registered Agent of your LLC in Wyoming is a fast and simple process that doesn’t require any filing fees. All you have to do is submit a Change of an Entity’s Registered Agent and Office Form to the Wyoming Secretary of State, and you’re done! With this straightforward procedure, taking care of administrative matters for your business has never been easier.

This Statement of Change must include the name and address of the LLC, as well as its current registered agent’s name and any new registered agents names (if applicable). To be considered valid, this document must be signed by someone who has permission to act on behalf of the LLC and accompanied with a filing fee. Lastly, it should also have a date for when these changes take effect.

Best Registered Agent Services for Wyoming

As we mentioned before, being your own Registered Agent isn’t the best option for various reasons. That’s why we recommend hiring true professionals and forgetting all of the headaches of legal papers, being available 24/7, and collecting a ton of business mail.

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