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Pennsylvania LLC Cost: How Much Will Incorporating Cost You?

Hire Professionals to Create a Pennsylvania LLC (from $0 + state fee)

Starting a new business can surely be an exciting prospect, but the costs associated with opening an LLC in Pennsylvania may cause some confusion. If you are wondering how much it will cost you to incorporate an LLC in Pennsylvania, this guide will provide all of the information you need. We have broken down all of the fees you may encounter and estimated what it would cost for a typical LLC start-up. Read on for a complete rundown of all the fees and costs associated with incorporating your business in Pennsylvania.

If you want to skip the hassle of starting a Pennsylvania LLC yourself, consider using professional help for the best price in the market:

Quick Costs for Pennsylvania LLC Breakdown & Best Options

Who forms the LLC?Total fees

You form the LLC in Pennsylvania Yourself

$225 = ($125 filing fee + $70 Decennial Report Fee +  $30 registered office fee)
by using ZenBusiness$0 + state fees
by using Northwest Registered Agent$39 + state fees
see our other TOP LLC service providersvaries

Pros And Cons Of Starting a Pennsylvania LLC

It’s important to understand the benefits and drawbacks of starting an LLC in Pennsylvania.


  • Pass-through taxation
  • Name registration (As you create your LLC, pick a unique name that will be registered as soon as the setup is complete)
  • Tax options (If a limited liability company is looking for an efficient income tax structure, it can opt to be taxed as an S corporation. Remarkably, this isn’t actually another type of corporate entity – just simply a different taxation designation)
  • Maximize Your Savings with Smart Tax Strategies!
  • Ownership flexibility
  • Increased credibility


  • As LLCs are similar to a sole proprietorships in that they pass-through profits, it is the responsibility of LLC owners to pay taxes on their portion of an LLC’s net profit even if there has been no disbursement.
  • For businesses looking to maximize their profits and save them from year-to-year, forming a corporation is an ideal solution.
  • If you’re running a low-risk business as a side hustle, a sole proprietorship may be the most cost-effective solution for your needs.

How Much Does an LLC Cost in Pennsylvania?

Establishing an LLC in Pennsylvania is fairly inexpensive. At only $125, you can be on your way to launching a Limited Liability Company with the filing of its Certificate of Organization to the Pennsylvania Department of State.

Ready to start your own LLC? But if you’re wondering how to start your own LLC by yourself take a look at our easy step-by-step guide on how to start your own LLC in any state.

Pennsylvania LLC Online Filing Fee: $125


Starting an LLC does not have to be expensive – the only fee you need to pay is a small $125 charge for filing your Certificate of Organization with Pennsylvania’s Department of State.

Pennsylvania Decennial Report Fee: $70

Every ten years, the state of Pennsylvania requires LLCs to submit a decennial report to the Department of State.

Every ten years, Pennsylvania must submit a decennial report in the year ending with 1 (e.g., 2021, 2031).
In Pennsylvania, you have the option to self-register as a commercial registered office provider. However, engaging with a professional Registered Office Service will keep your company compliant and help avoid costly late fees by reminding you of critical filing deadlines.

PA Registered Agent Fee ($39 or $129)


In Pennsylvania, you have the option to self-register as a commercial registered office/agent provider. However, engaging with a professional Registered Office (aka Registered Agent) Service will keep your company compliant and help avoid costly late fees by reminding you of critical filing deadlines.

  • Northwest Registered Agent services are the perfect choice for those seeking to establish a new business and gain access to a registered agent, with a full LLC creation package starting at only $39 + state fees!


Cost to Form a Foreign LLC in Pennsylvania ($250)


If you want to extend your LLC’s reach and take advantage of the business opportunities in Pennsylvania, it is essential that you register your LLC as a foreign entity with the state. This will enable you to do business in multiple states with one registered organization. Don’t miss out on potential profits by not registering – act now!

It can cost up to $250 to register a foreign LLC in Pennsylvania. To get the process started, you must submit the Foreign Registration Statement (Form 15-412). It’s that easy!

Business Permits and Licenses (costs vary)


Pennsylvania does not require a general business license – however, depending on the sector of your company, you may need to procure specific permits.

To legally operate a brewery, you must obtain permission from your state’s Liquor Control Board.

It is important to ascertain if your regional government offices require a local permit or license before you commence business operations. To ensure that the necessary criteria for operation have been satisfied, we recommend that you contact and speak with your regional government officials directly.

Simply file a mail-in form or register online and submit your business details, federal tax ID number (EID), or personal social security number to obtain one. It’s that easy!

Obtaining a sales tax license in Pennsylvania is totally free!

Other LLC Filing Costs

There are optional fees associated with LLC formation:

LLC Name Reservation ($70)

Secure your desired business name for up to four months before forming an LLC by submitting a Name Reservation/Transfer of Reservation form (Form 15-208) and paying the filing fee of $70.

“Doing Business As” (DBA) Name ($70)

To create a business name distinct from your legal LLC, simply file a Registration of Fictitious Name form (Form 54-311), and the $70 filing fee.

Certified Document Copies

Get legitimized copies of your Pennsylvania business records quickly and easily by ordering through the Department of State. Prices may differ, so be sure to check first!

Certificate of Subsistence ($40)

A Certificate of Good Standing, also known as a Pennsylvania certificate, can be conveniently retrieved from the Department of State by paying their $40 fee. Banks and lending institutions often require this document before they will lend money to individuals or businesses

Costs Change Often. Where Can I Find the Most Up-to-Date Cost & Tax Info?

Keeping track of the costs and fees associated with an LLC is an important part of maintaining a smoothly-running business. Luckily, Pennsylvania makes it easy to stay up to date on all of the relevant information by providing a comprehensive database available on its website. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can access the most recent list of LLC Fees and Costs so that your business remains current and within any applicable legal regulations. Whether you’re starting out or already have an existing LLC established in Pennsylvania, don’t forget to check this database to make sure that you’re always in compliance.

 Five Basic Steps to Start an LLC in Pennsylvania

  • Step 1: Name Your Pennsylvania LLC
  • Step 2: Choose a Registered Office
  • Step 3: File a Certificate of Organization
  • Step 4: Create an Operating Agreement
  • Step 5: Get an EIN

And if you’re looking at how you can start an LLC by yourself – read our Pennsylvania LLC guide.

Cost of Filing Formation Certificates

PennsylvaniaDomestic LLCForeign LLC
Online Filing$125 $250
Decennial Report$70$70
Name Reservation fee $70$70
By MailBy Mail: Fill out the application form, and send it to Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations P.O. Box 8722 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722. 
Costs $125.
By Mail: Fill out the application form, and send it to Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations P.O. Box 8722 Harrisburg, PA 17105-8722. 
Costs $250.

Get Professional Help in Forming an LLC in Pennsylvania

It can be difficult and time-consuming to form a Pennsylvania LLC all by yourself.
That’s why we decided to give you a few of the best options for professional services that can help you start an LLC in no time & with 0 effort!

#1 – Create an LLC in Pennsylvania Using Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest has vast experience in creating LLCs and Corporations. They by far have the best support and client satisfaction rate. We’ve used and tested them ourselves and can guarantee that they’ll do an exceptional job for you.
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$39+State Fees

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Form an LLC today with Nortwest. They have 98% customer satisfaction rating and over 4150+ verified reviews. They will include 1 year of free registered agent service!

#2 – ZenBusiness can help you form an LLC in Pennsylvania

ZenBusiness is one of our top-rated LLC services as well. They have a super value-to-price ratio. And it’s perfect for those who are looking for the cheapest option to form their LLCs. When we tested their service — they’ve done a great job, so we can honestly recommend them.
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$0 + State Fees

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